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Cost Effective
Compatible with TESTBOX Series Data Acquisition Systems
16 – 24 Bit Static/ Dynamic Measurements
Innovative Q-Cable Solution
Practical Quarter/ Half/ Full Bridge Measurements
3-Wire Connection – Shunt Calibration Option
Integrated Rosette Calculation
Easy Calibration and Real Time  Calculation With EASYTEST Software

Strain gauges can be used both for the direct measurement of deformation or load in laboratories/ surveys/academic research, and in a number of different types of sensors as the fundamental measuring element.
The main working principle is based on the electrical measurement of the difference in the resistance of a metal induced by the change in the length of the metal. Actually, strain gauges are specially designed and manufactured resistors. 120Ω and 350Ω models are frequently used.
In order the measurement to be completed, a Wheatstone bridge is needed. Wheatstone bridge includes 4 strain gauges. While a voltage is applied to the bridge, the voltage change is measured due to the change in length and the resistance of the measuring gauge(s). For full bridge measurement 4 strain gauges are needed. Half and quarter bridge measurements are also possible. Only 1 or 2 strain gauges exist in this case. For half or quarter bridge measurements, the missing bridge resistors are completed by exterior resistors. The exterior completion resistors must be highly linear. All measurement devices, tools and software are developed and included in TESTBOX Series data acquisition hardware and EASYTEST series software.

TDG offers high quality strain gauges for the researchers with an important cost advantage. New opportunities and promotions are continuously offered in order to ensure the usage of these important expendable sensing elements in researches, experiments and laboratories at adequate quantities.
TDG(Technical Support Group) is a group which has expertise on strain gauge measurement. All data acquisition solutions & software required for strain gauge measurement are manufactured by TDG.

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       BF-120-10AA           BF-120-30AA           BF-120-6AA     
Measurement Grid
Dimensions (mm)            
10x2,5 30x2,0 6x2,2
Base Dimensions
16,7x5,0 36,1x5,0 12,5x4,3
Resistance (Ω) 120 120 120
Gauge Factor
2 2 2
Strain Limit %3 %3 %3
Fatigue Life
106 106 106
Temperature (°C)
-20 ~ +80 -20 ~ +80 -20 ~ +80