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  • 24 Bit ADC
  • Internal Accelerometer 3 Component
  • Force Balance Force Feedback Servo
  • Micro-G Resolution Acceleration Measurement
  • Direct – GPS Technology
  • 24 Bit ADC
  • 75 nano-g/ Root Hz- Ultra Low Noise
  • 147 dB Sensor Dynamic Range
  • Dual-ARM Processor
  • Embedded Linux
  • Ethernet And TCP/IP Easy Access
  • High Capacity USB Storage
  • New and Innovative Technological Design Platform
  • High Benefit/ Cost Rate
  • Robust and Portable Design
  • No Mass Locking

  • Overview
  • Technical Specifications


e-QUAKE ACC Series has been designed with an innovative and state of art technological
approach.These accelerometers and strong motion recorders are developed at 2
different sensitivity levels, as ultra–low noise and low noise. Both versions include uni,
bi and tri component options.
e-QUAKE-ACC-21/22/23 provides a flawless measurement possibility with an ultra
low noise level of only 130 nano-g/root-Hz. This version is based on force-balance and
force-feedback technology. It is possible to measure accelerations at micro-g level with
this device. In this form, e-QUAKE-ACC-2X series is an ideal solution for strong motion
measurements, seismic networks, structural health monitoring under ambient vibration
and microtremor measurements.
Although the noise level of e-QUAKE-ACC-01/02/03 series is slightly higher when
compared to the other version, this model is still very sensitive and and offers an
important cost-benefit advantage. In addition to widespread practices such as geological
surveys, mining, oil engineering and explosion measurements, it is frequently used in
applications such as factory vibration monitoring or Structural Health Monitoring on

Seismic Strong Motion Monitoring Networks
Structural Health Monitoring / Ambient Vibration
Wireless Structural Health Monitoring
Dynamic Identification
7/24 Real-Time Structural Health Monitoring
Monitoring of Historical Structures
Monitoring of Bridges and Tunnels
Micro-Tremor Measurements
Geological Surveys / Mining / Oil Industry
Factory Vibration Measurements
Explosion Monitoring


ADC Resolution
24 Bit
Synchronization GPS based simultaneous sampling – independent ADC/ channel
Sampling Speed 1 kHz, 500 Hz, 200 Hz, 100 Hz, 50 Hz, 20Hz, 10 Hz, 5Hz, 1Hz (2kHz/4kHz)
Axis (Number ofComponents)

Dynamic Interval / Inner Noise           
147 dB / 1 micro-Volt RMS
Acceleration Measurement Interval
± 2 g

Frequency Bandwidth
DC 0.01 - 200 Hz
Accelerometer type
Force Balanced – Force Feedback
Accelerometer Noise Level
147dB 75 ng√Hz

Axis Sensitivity
0.002 g/g
0.02 g/g
Alert / Calibration

Voltage – temperature – GPS – RAM status/ independent calibration/ channel –
automatic /sine / square /user-defined
Mechanical Shock Resistance
2000 g
Analog Filter Anti-aliasing / Low-pass
DSP Oversampling / downsampling / decimation / digital filtering
Operating System Dual ARM Processor - Embedded Linux - Real-Time calculation features
Communication Interface
Ethernet TCP/IP-ADSL-3G / WIFI connection ready – data loss preventing
communication algorithm /RS232-optional
Data Storage
USB - flash memory (16GB - 32GB - 64GB)/ triggered recording / STA/LTA/Other
GPS Functionality

Time – coordinate info, uninterrupted internal oscillator
signal when GPS signal is lost
Remote Connection
TCP/IP - FTP Server - seedlink server* - web server
Lightning Protection Independent protection for each channel
Operating Voltage, Optional Uninterrupted Li-Ion / Lead Acid Battery support
Operating Temperature -40 °C ~ +70 °C
Enclosure / Connector

Stainless steel enclosure / IP67 connectors(optional- military grade connectors /
IP67 enclosure)