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Company Profile

TDG is the first and only “Scientific Measurement Systems” manufacturer of Turkey under the brand TESTBOX. Hundreds of scientific papers have been published based on the tests performed with TESTBOX Data Acquisition Systems. These studies by researchers also provided the verification and validation of the devices and formed today's reputation, respect and trust towards TDG. With the innovative approaches and competitive price these products have created, they are preferred by the researchers all over the world, especially in the US, Europe, Far East and the Middle East.
The Data Acquisition Systems of TDG; has a wide range of products including Sensors, Servo Hydraulic Loading (Actuator) Systems, Ballistic Measurements, Seismic Monitoring Systems, Innovative Emergency Earthquake Warning Systems and Structural Health Monitoring. TDG has a multi-disciplinary R&D team consisting of Electronics, Mechanics, Geological and Civil Engineers and of Mathematicians and Statisticians.
TDG, especially with its studies in the field of Civil and Earthquake Engineering, has developed innovative high-tech products for preventing the harmful hazards of earthquake, loss of life and property of the public, which is one of the most outstanding problems of many countries, as well as Turkey. Devices that are manufactured by TDG under e-QUAKE brand have been tested by the organizations respected throughout the world and have been one of the few brands that have succeeded to take place in literature in this area.
TDG,  supports its mission of being the only R & D establishment of Turkey in these specialized fields, by publishing scientific articles.
For the first time in the world, the Earthquake Engineering and Structural Mechanics Laboratory set-up from start to end solely with its own products,
The first Shake Table in Turkey, has been actualized completely domestically, with its original design and production in the areas of mechanics, electronic control systems, hydraulics and software,
The first Structural Health Monitoring systems and applications completely developed in Turkey,
The first Seismic Monitoring Systems completely developed in Turkey,
The first Ballistic Measurement Systems completely developed in Turkey,
The test systems which carried the Structural Mechanics Tests to the field for the first time in Turkey.
The first quasi-static data acquisition and strain gauge applications in Turkey,
The first Desktop Shake Table for the educational purposes in Turkey, which can simulate the actual earthquake data.