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TESTART – Sensor and Test Technologies

Testart is a Sensor and Test Portal. You can use this portal as the pre-eminent reference source for your sensor and test requirements.
In this portal which you can customize according to yourself as a member, you can benefit from a rich content from the data bank we created by our own fund of knowledge (know-how) such as the recent developments in the sector, subject-specific data recording systems, many sensor types of innovative technology products, integrated products, cost advantages, private campaigns and so on.
Once again we undertake a leading role for our country with this sensor and test portal. We believe that with this Sensor and Test Portal conception that we offer you with an understanding that actualized for the first time in our country, we will sign efficient and successful projects together with you.

TESTART – The Art of Testing

As the Technical Support Group we provide you services for 15 years with the data acquisiton devices, test software and sensors which we develoved 100% with our R & D studies under the brands TESTBOX and e-QUAKE.
In the course of time with our pioneering attribution we have successfully completed many projects having the characteristics of being the first for Turkey. With our strenght in Technical Support we have always been with you in your projects. By realizing export in the field of advanced technology with our products, we contributed to the increase of export potential partaking in the zone of 2%, which we believe is very important for Turkey.
TESTART, as a product of fund of knowledge (know-how) we have gained in the field of test within 15 years, emanated by getting stronger with new participations and partnerships. With TESTART, we offer you more integrated products, solutions and services in which many domestic/foreign products in the field of Test Engineering will take place.