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Yapı Sağlığı İzleme Merkezi


The first and unique SEISMIC MONITORING systems of Turkey has been developed by TDG. The e-QUAKE Series has been designed with an innovative exclusive engineering approach. This seresl includes 24-bit resolution Seismic Digitizers, Seismometers, Strong Motion Recorders and Broad Band Seismometers up to 147 dB dynamic range. 

However, the Technical Support Group follows closely technologies in the world and contributes to the transfer of these technologies to Turkey. The Service and Response Centre in respect to these innovative sensors has also been put into use by TDG in Ankara. The tests of these devices, which have been improved as a result of long and detailed studies by a well-established R & D team, have been made at International (USGS) and National Laboratories. The devices and the software developed by TDG in this regard, with their high measurement quality and costs offering advantages are significantly demanded both from Turkey and both from the countries around the world.